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  • Chassis:<br>Engine:可选装<br>Seating capacity:
  • Chassis:<br>Engine:可选装<br>Seating capacity:
  • Chassis:<br>Engine:可选装<br>Seating capacity:
  • Chassis:<br>Engine:可选装<br>Seating capacity:
  • Chassis:<br>Engine:SC8DT230Q4<br>Seating capacity:
  • Chassis:<br>Engine:可选装<br>Seating capacity:
  • Sales Network
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    Address: 18 Guangzhong Rd.Shanghai, China
    Post code: 201108
    Tel: +86 (0)21-24160000
          +86 (0)21-24160108
    Fax:+86 (0)21-24160416
    Web: www.sunwinbus.com

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    Media Center
    29 万博体育苹果手机不能下载_万博体育世杯版_万博maxbet客户端下载 Suburban Buses Delivered to JinshanNovember,2020

        On November 2, 29 万博体育苹果手机不能下载_万博体育世杯版_万博maxbet客户端下载 battery electric suburban buses were delivered to Jinshan Bus Company. The Jinshan Bus drivers drove the 29 “Double……
    万博体育苹果手机不能下载_万博体育世杯版_万博maxbet客户端下载 Buses for CIIE Supporting Services Make Successful Achievements November,2020

        On November 10, the 3rd China International Import Expo (CIIE) was closed. During this grand event, 万博体育苹果手机不能下载_万博体育世杯版_万博maxbet客户端下载 buses for the supporting services of th……
    New Members Introduced in Shenchong Line, and A Batch of Suburban Buses Delivered by 万博体育苹果手机不能下载_万博体育世杯版_万博maxbet客户端下载 to ChongSeptember, 2020

        On August 25, 万博体育苹果手机不能下载_万博体育世杯版_万博maxbet客户端下载 delivered a new batch of pure electrical suburban buses to Chongming Bus. This also indicates that 万博体育苹果手机不能下载_万博体育世杯版_万博maxbet客户端下载 has delivered the p……
    Leaders of Minhang District Came to 万博体育苹果手机不能下载_万博体育世杯版_万博maxbet客户端下载 for On-site SurveySeptember, 2020

        On September 4, Ni Yaoming, the CPC committee secretary of Minhang District, together with the relevant leaders from District CPC Committee Office……